Superfood Meals & Soups

Instant Goodness

Designed primarily as a quick and convenient healthy eating options, these Supermeals are handcrafted and prepared in small batches for everyday goodness, keeping in mind the dietary relevance and importance in one’s daily life. We blend our supergrains with the best quality, real vegetables and herbs in distinctive spice blends, to create a wholesome, healthy meal. Designed primarily as an instant, healthy meal alternative, these supermeals provide you with delicious yet guilt-free, wholesome food choices anytime, anywhere, in a jiffy!

At Rootz & Co., We love Quinoa!

Did you know?

  • Superfood Quinoa has been eaten for thousands of years in South America and only recently became a trend food, even reaching superfood status? Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete-protein source.
  • United Nations declared 2013 “The International Year of Quinoa,”.
  • Sacred to the Incas, quinoa was referred to as the ‘mother of all grains’. Inca warriors ate balls of quinoa and fat to keep them going on long marches and in battle.
  • Often referred to as ‘Supergrain of the Future’, NASA has proposed quinoa as an ideal food for long-duration space flights.

Instant Quinoa Supermeals

Wholefood Nutrition in 90 secs

Presenting power packed, Rootz Quinoa and Brown Rice based Authentic, Instant Supermeals for Nutrition-on-the-Go! Fibres play a key role in promoting a healthy gut by supporting digestive and bowel health by maintaining a healthy intestinal microbial balance, not to mention the satiety and full-ness associated with it. Naturally high in dietary fibre, both Quinoa & Brown Rice are excellent sources of gluten free, complex carbs, making it a fantastic Low GI food option! These Instant Super Meals are an exquisite selection of popular regional delicacies from different parts of the country, cooked in traditional methods, using authentic recipes nut with a dash of ‘Health’. We have not used any artificial colours, preservatives or flavours in our preparations. We have tried to bring out the true flavours of India through ethnic spice mixes, but at the backdrop of Nutrition and Convenience! Simply Heat and Eat…enjoy instant goodness in just 90 seconds!


Quinoa & Oats Soup with Chia

Your Honest Soup for Everyday Goodness!

Introducing Quinoa Soupy Meals from Rootz & Co. for a wholesome, delicious treat that’s loaded with only the good stuff! Handcrafted in small batches to retain the freshness, these power soups are 100% natural with no artificial colours, flavours, harmful fillers or preservatives. Bursting with goodness of superfood Quinoa and Chia along with real veggies, these soupy meals provide an instant hack to a guilt-free snacking or a sumptuous mid-meal. Crafted for everyday intake by busy moms, family, professional and even fitness freaks!
Super Health, under 100 cal wholesome soupy meals for instant nutrition and goodness, that’s bound to give you the happy fullness your crave! We strictly do not use any tastemakers, corn starch, Vegetable Fats, or artificial flavours or even colour to bring out the goodness. Soups are crafted for everyday consumtion by families,busy bees, fitness freaks or even weight watchers.

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