Peanut Butter & Honey Pebbles


An energy packed blend of oats, millets & seeds mixed with fresh peanut butter! An excellent source of protein, omega, fats & fiber. Pebbels promises you your daily dose of balanced nourishment.

  • INGREDIENTS – Whole Grain Oats, Peanuts, Jaggery syrup, Multi grains (Quinoa Flakes & Amaranth puffs), Honey, Flax seed.
  • No added preservatives, No Artificial colour or flavour, No added Fillers, No maida, No added sugar, No added vegetable fat.
  • Being Roasted and not fried, this can be your new favourite on-the-go snack partner, loaded with the perfectly blended ingredients full of whole grains, nutrients and health benefits.
  • Pebbles promises you your daily dose of balance nutrition in a form that’s closest to being natural, healthy and wholesome.
  • Ideal for Pre and Post Workouts, Athletes, Guilt Free Snacking, Hearty Breakfast or simply a saviour during those untimely hunger pangs.
  • Shelf life – 9 months.