Vanilla Nutty Mix


  • KEY INGREDIENTS- Multi grain flour (ragi, oats, amaranth), Dry fruits powder (almond, cashew, dry dates), Pulses, Chia seeds, Cocoa powder, Rosemary extracts.
  • Wholesome & gluten free drink with 8% of natural Protein, Fiber & Good Fats for everyday goodness!
  • No Whea Protein, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Preservatives, No Fillers or Emulsifiers.
  • Mix it with a milk for a healthy alternative to sugar packed health drink supplements, meal replacement or make sumptuous smoothies, Porridge (kheer) out of it. A perfect pre & post workout drink, a mid-meal healthy hack or a wholesome, nutritious dessert treat!
  • Nutty Mix provides an excellent source of a clean & natural plant-based nutrition. A perfect blend to complement your morning breakfast that provides you with your daily dose of balanced nutrition. Suitable for Jains.